Pioneers Virtual Advertising and Product Placement

  • We are pioneers in the world of Virtual Advertising and Virtual Product Placement, creating and leading the industry at each step of the way - for the past 18 years. Ranging from establishing the very first commercially successful Virtual Advertising venture in the world 15 years ago, to producing and operating Virtual Ads around the world for some of the biggest television broadcasters and Fortune 500 brands around the world continuously over the years.
  • Our almost 20 years of experience leading the industry of Virtual Advertising and Product Placement give us unique expertise in all areas related to Virtual Advertising, including sales, technology development, operation and full service solutions. We are uniquely suited to create seamless yet impactful market appropriate placements which deliver the maximum exposure and value for your brands or media properties.
  • Please contact us to discuss how we can help your brands (advertisers) or broadcast properties (rights-holders).
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